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26 January 2010 @ 10:02 am
Just to say I change my 10 years old nickname "Kasumi" for "Joe" this week

I'll miss Kasumi just because I'm used to it, but just the fact it's japanese I feel dumb LOL


Also Joe fit better my clown side and my love for Tonka trucks.


I'm sad my Tonka search and rescue game's CD is all scratch so I can't play anymore D: At least I still can make awesome Tonka crew card /o/ (I need a new one but my printer can't print black for now)


Oh also! I wanted to share my chrismas handmade gift for my friend =D
Actually you already saw the Masato on the blog of Matsuro

I also made Mashiro of PaRADEiS in pipe cleaner but I still wasn't able to give my friend the gift so I'll post it when I'll give it to her 8D

And the worst  my favorite is my Kaya in clay and dry noodle :


8D ♥

That's all now
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Actual beat: beaU - 不具戴天
Soy Juicebuttcrackderby on January 26th, 2010 07:21 pm (UTC)
angel_pietoro: kijinangel_pietoro on January 27th, 2010 12:45 pm (UTC)
8D Thanks \o/